Friday, May 13, 2011

One Good Gripe.

This is a re post from yesterday. Blogger ate the original while they were 'fixing' stuff.

On my first day of Business 101 my instructor asked each of us to stand and introduce ourselves. We were to tell our name, our sign and give one good gripe.  Today I have one good gripe.

Name: (If you don't know, you're so kicked off this blog!!)
Sign: Scorpio
One Good Gripe: When a school bus is stopped on a 4 lane road with it's red lights flashing, you DO NOT have to stop if you are going the opposite direction.  RCW 46.61.150  (#3 on the list) This law does not change, even if there is a police stopped behind the school bus. YOU CAN KEEP GOING. This is actually correct throughout America, except in New York, Mississippi, West Virginia and Arkansas. (Believe me! I checked!!) It bugs me- A LOT- when cars stop like this!! I may not be in a hurry to go to a lot of places, but stopping because the person in front of you doesn't know the law is quite annoying to me. The End.

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