Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Idea - Bad Idea

Good Idea: Dishing it. (Friendly Banter, sharing opinions - controversial or not, etc.)
Bad Idea: Not being able to take it. (Choosing offense when others offer theirs back.)

Good Idea: Going to the gym in the morning.
Bad Idea: Sitting in a nice warm sauna after your workout - early in the morning. (It makes you really sleepy and takes all your new found energy.) Guilty

Good Idea: Reading Gina's blog.
Bad Idea: Gina not updating her blog.

Dear Spencer. UPDATE YOUR BLOG!! (again.)

Good Idea: Giving your boss your opinion when asked.
Bad Idea: Telling your boss he's a jerk (or another -less nice- 4 letter word to describe him when asked.) Gina - guilty.

Good Idea: Writing a blog.
Bad Idea: Having a private blog! You can't even send a request to get invited if you don't have the person's email address! It makes blog stalking difficult.

Good Idea: Coconut marshmallows and Nutella on a smore.
Bad Idea: Impossible! Look at that great idea!


Trishelle said...

I have a sudden hankering for Smores...YUM!!
Dedra, your blog never ceases to bring happiness to my heart.

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Good idea: being invited to your blog
Bad idea? can't think of one really, other than I still want to get together and maybe we can have some of those Smores!! Dang! That sounds YUMMY :)

If you lived here, I would nominate you to be in our Book Club, you would make it SO fun.

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