Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Adam!

Happy Birthday to my brother, Adam!

Here are two fun facts about Adam

  • He's a coasty. (In the Coast Guard) He rides in helicopters. A lot. (Okay, I don't really know much about his job) Have you seen the movie The Guardian? You know that guy that lowers Kevin Costner into the water to save people dumb enough to get stuck in the ocean? Adam is that guy.
  • He has 2 Tonka Trucks that have rhino lined beds. (The spray on liner people with real trucks have installed to protect the bed.) One time he had to take a flat bed trailer from Long Beach, WA to Pt. Hadlock, WA so he could get a car and take it back to his house to work on it. He didn't want to pull an empty trailer so he tied down his little Tonka Truck to the flat bed and towed it across the state of Washington.
Happy Birthday Adam! I love you!

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