Monday, May 9, 2011

Memory Monday

Memorable Traffic Stops:
  • Mom was driving through a residential area in McMinnville, Oregon. She was speeding and almost ran a stop a sign. She came to a break a whole car's length into the intersection at a 4 way stop. She looked to the left before she went on through and there was a police car right there. She went through the intersection and got pulled over. She got a ticket.
  • After the family reunion in Portland, Oregon - back in 1983 or something, we were driving back to Idaho. We were around Ontario, OR (I think) and Dad pulled over to the side of the road. Ryan asked him what was going on and he just said, 'Look behind us.' He was being pulled over. I think he got a ticket. *Ever since that day, whenever I am riding in a car and we stop for an unknown reason I always look out the back window to see if we are being stopped.
  • The first ticket I got was the day before I turned 19. I was driving south on Pine Road in Bremerton towards my house and a sheriff was driving on Pine going north. When he passed me, he flipped a u-turn and pulled me over. I was freaking out. When he got to my window he asked me if I knew why he was pulling me over and I did not. He said I was going 45 in a 35. This was quite shocking to me since the car I was driving didn't even reach 30 going up the hill I was on. He asked for my registration and insurance. I found one but couldn't find the other so he took what I'd given him and went back to his car. I kept looking for the other piece of paper and when I found it, I got out of my car to go give it to him. Over his loud speaker he spoke very firmly, 'GET BACK IN YOUR CAR.' I cried harder. He gave me a ticket. I took it to court, told the judge my car didn't even go 30 miles per hour on a hill and he dismissed it. My dad said it was the easiest ticket he'd ever seen get dismissed. 
  • I got pulled over on Wheaton Way in Bremerton, late at night one evening, shortly after Nicole was born. The cop told me I was having problems with my exhaust. I told him my exhaust was fine, it's my muffler that is about to fall off. I didn't know the muffler was part of the exhaust. He asked me if I was going to get it fixed soon and I told him we had an appointment at a shop in two days. He sent me on my way.
  • One time my mom was driving us south on I-5 for a selling trip and she got pulled over near Kelso. When the cop got to the window he asked her if she knew how fast she was going. She said she did not. He told her 87 mph. She acted surprised and said, 'Woah! I didn't know the old boat went that fast!' She got a warning.
  • We were going east on I-84 and Wendi was driving. I'm not really sure how fast she was going, but when she noticed the cop behind her, she pulled her fast enough and stopped quickly enough that the cop had to stop in front of us and almost hit the guard rail. She got a warning.
  • Dad got pulled over because Garen and Adam both had their heads out the window and were spitting...in Newberg, OR...twice in one night. He got a ticket...the 2nd time.
  • I got stopped in Lyons, KS for speeding through town. Apparently it's 20 mph through that little town. I didn't know and got a warning for the speeding but my updated insurance card wasn't in the glove box so I got a ticket that would go away as soon I faxed them a copy of my insurance. That was a pretty uneventful stop. The part that makes it memorable was when I was on a field trip with Matthew's 4th grade class and we passed the super market I was stopped in. He said really loudly on the bus, 'Look mom! That's where you got pulled over by a police man for breaking the law! Remember?!' yes Matthew. I do.
  • This last one is a little sketchy in my mind but you'll get the idea. Dad was driving 15 over with the cruise set. He saw a police man and did not slow down. The cop got behind him and followed him for a few miles then pulled him over. When he got to the window he asked Dad if he knew he was going 15 over and Dad responded, 'Do you think I'm stupid enough to go 15 over when I knew you were right behind me?' The police man told him to get his speedometer checked. He got a warning.
These are just a few of my favorites. I bet if my family got together and made a list we could come up with 50 or more stops. Yeah, we have lead feet.


Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

This made me smile - what memories!

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

I love this post... memories :)

My favorite line? 'Woah! I didn't know the old boat went that fast!' ha ha ha ha

Kristi said...

I just got my first ticket a couple of weekends ago (2nd time I got pulled over). I was driving with my oldest daughter and some other high school students on a school trip to Spokane. Yeah - it will be hard to live that down. Although the other mom who got pulled over got written up for 15 over - and I only got 10 over.

Ryan said...

11 months...my favorite ticket.


The Abegglens said...

Sounds like the lead foot runs in our families. Danny tells me I am gas and brake. I like to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. I got pulled over one time going 70 in a 55 and it was only because the car i was driving was crappy and i was hoping to get speed going down the hill. Apparently, I got a little to much but the cop was nice and let me off with a warning. Can't say the same about my friend a few minutes later. Hhaha I tell Danny I have the look that can get me off... i chalk it up on the big eyes.

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