Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Idea - Bad Idea

(I accidentally posted this yesterday and had to delete it and then schedule it for today. Wendi, Linda, Dad and Adam, this is a duplicate email.)

Good Idea: Reading scriptures as a family in the morning.
Bad Idea: Forgetting to read every weekend. (are we the only family with this handicap?)

Good Idea: Asking Ken for a 'good idea/bad idea'.
Bad Idea: Listening the Ken talk about intestinal blockages, cremation consent forms and reasons why you shouldn't eat after his boss.

Good Idea: Hiring Nicole to babysit.
Bad Idea: asking her to travel 2000 miles to do the job.

Good Idea: Taking Anna to the book fair.
Bad Idea: Finding her staring with complete horror at a book about killer sharks and other forms of dangerous marine life. (All she has talked about for 3 days are 'cweepy fish' (creepy fish) They're so cweepy!!

Good Idea: Matthew drew of a picture of our family.
Bad Idea: Each person was drawn on the sole of one of his toes.

Good Idea: Putting Nicole in charge of dinner on Friday nights.
Bad Idea: Consequence: She thinks she made dinner every night last week.

Good Idea: Playing in the ocean.
Bad Idea: Forgetting a change of clothes and driving 2 hours home (and eating at a restaurant) soaking wet from about the waist down.

Note to self: You ALWAYS go in the water when you visit the ocean! Bring a change of clothes.

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