Saturday, May 14, 2011

naps and grave digging

This morning I woke up at ten minutes to five, ready for my day. I got up, read my scriptures, checked all my normal internet sites I go to in the morning and then at about 6:30 I went back to bed for an hour. Before going back to bed, I decided I really needed to take a nap by my Mom this afternoon. So I did...kind of. I spent some alone time with her complaining about Gina, and telling her I was mad at her. I think we both felt better when I was done.

I'm in Bremerton tonight. Dad and I went to the cemetery and and worked on Mom's grave. There's not grass on it right now because the gravedigger had to take the top piece of land off. It wasn't settling right. Dad and I dug up 2-4 inches off the top of her grave that was mostly sand, then Dad put good dirt and grass seed down.  Here are the pictures to show you the process.

Me with Mom.
Dad digging 
 Anna scooping dirt into the bucket. She loves dirt.
 Leveling the sand
 Anna collecting rocks
 Dumping the dirt
 Dumping the grass seed
 Close up of the grass seed
 While Dad and I were finishing up Mom's grave, the girls went around the cemetery and looted fresh flowers from other people's graves. Unethical? yes. Too late? yes. The flowers are pretty.

 I mentioned this morning that I was going to take a nap by my Mom and my friend, Michael told me to tell her 'Hi' for him. I did. I also stopped over to his Dad and told him 'Hi' too.
I sure miss my Mom and Dave.


Gina Jill said...

I miss them too. I'm jealous that you got to spend the day with Mom. Next time you see her you tell her I think she's a turd if she thinks I'm I Turd! Ha!

Sunshower said...

WHAT a NICE JOB you guys did!---AND THE L-O-V-E!
CONGRATS on your new camera-it really IS a GOOD one, isn't it? SURE ENJOY the pics you take-I'm glad you've got it back....and Dedra...look Who Else was RIGHT BESIDE you and your Mom that afternoon---(check out beside your pic above)...
Of course "YOU" always KNOW that tho with the wonderful Testimony you have:-)...Love ya-Sherry

Kate said...

I enjoyed this post a lot , but, am now filled with a giant question mark?????? That is all.

also, Anna's dress is cute. :)

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

(((HUGS))) I loved this post :)

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