Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Part Two.

I decided not to skip church yesterday. My calling it ward organist and I'm not going to skip just because I don't feel like going to church, even though I had a sub lined up - just in case.

I was really emotional though. I couldn't see the music very well as I played prelude and the opening song. I stumbled through the sacrament hymn. I listened to the talks and enjoyed the primary children singing Mother I Love You. It was Matthew's last 'performance' with the primary as he will be 12 in less than a month. After Sacrament Meeting was over, the youth handed out chocolate. I accepted mine and went home and ate it while I talked on the phone to my friend in PA.

Here is what I learned yesterday.
  • Mother's Day is not about me. When I was a child it was about my mom and now that I'm a mom, it's about letting my children perform acts of service. I ate the burned breakfast and enjoyed the kind things the kids did for me. They called it a success and I'm grateful I have children to call me mom. It was a success
  • It doesn't matter how sad I was yesterday, it's not okay to be upset with someone who wants to tell the ward how much they love their Mom.
  • I love Dove chocolate. (I already knew this but was reminded.)
  • I like it when Anna called me Motho.
  • I'm pretty selfish.
The End


Kate said...

dove chocolate + nap = most awesome day ever , even if a super soaker was not involved. :)

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

(((HUG)))) great big Mother's Day hug from me to you and I think you said it PERFECTLY :)

other than the selfish part, you sound very UN-selfish to me

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