Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not just any other list...

My brother, Ryan, is being released from his calling as Bishop (for the 2nd time) on Sunday. He is my 'guest post-er' for the day. Who knew I'd ever have one of those! But, here is a list from him, just for you.

Things I have learned in my 6 years as Bishop: 
  1. Young men consider throwing knives at each other's feet an appropriate activity to pass the time.
  2. Some members consider "Book of Mormon Stories" a racist song.
  3. You can't give sisters the priesthood even when they ask for it.
  4. Letting people know they are getting a new calling or being released from a calling usually goes better if they know before it is announced sacrament meeting.
  5. It is always a good idea to have a plan B when the youth are in charge of cooking on a camp out.
  6. Girl's camp different than boyscout camp.  When an small animal is found they run screaming away from it.  Boys run screaming towards it with clubs and knives drawn.
  7. When giving approval to the young men to build a fire, size, location and fuel all need to be specified.
  8. The most memorable combined activities involve the police showing up with guns drawn.
  9. Its better to confess your own transgressions than those of other ward members.
  10. When people are in your office crying, laughter is not always the best medicine.
  11. You know fast and testimony meeting has gone horribly wrong when the police show up and remove someone because of their testimony. (This happened in his ward the same day we were serenaded with Amazing Grace in our ward in Kansas. Awesome Day!)
A little side note about #4. Ryan has plans on Sunday to give himself his favorite calling right before he is released - as his last act as Bishop. I think it's very clever.


Kate said...

pirates that dont do anything?????

I am a fan of your brother, even if he is a pirate that doesnt do anything. except eat cats.

Kristi said...

I think we need more information on the police showing up at an activity and testimony meeting. Maybe he should guest host again. :o) Those are definitely stories I want to hear. The only time I saw cops at an activity was when I arrange for one to come talk to the cub scouts, and the only time I saw them on Sunday, they were giving this poor 89 year-old guy a $450 ticket for parking in the handicap parking spot without a permit. He only parked there because he had given a lady a ride to church who forgot her permit.

Vanessa said...

Wow. The most exciting testimony meeting I remember was when my dad was bishop and he had to ask a man to sit down because he was going on and on about communism.

Ryan said...

Dedra told me I needed to illaborate on these stories. I will happily do that after I am released and have some more time to blog. They are really funny.

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