Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's not to like about cats?

  • They shed
  • They smell
  • They scratch furniture
  • They don't contribute to the conversation.
  • They have creepy little faces
  • They tell your secrets. They're just sneaky about it. 
  • I don't need a one side friendship. Pet and pet and pet and scratch. boo!
  • litter boxes
  • The whole self cleaning thing...yuck.
  • How can you be friends with someone that licks their own ____?
  • They chew their food loudly.
  • They don't taste like chicken. (I have a witness that can attest to this...in my own family.)
  • I wouldn't eat one anyway.
  • gag cough gag gag
  • furball!


Gina Jill said...

I agree 100%!!! Cats are gross. We're trying to get help for Ryan about eating the neighborhood animals... We're worried.

Dedra said...

Lay off him! He's starving!!

Kate said...

you are both fired. for good. you can thank cats for the make up you wear ( animal testing), the chinese food you eat, (or in your brother's case, dinner - any night of the week) for the end of the plague (they ate the rats/mice who carried it)

you know i am right. you are just jealous that i have an 'in' with the species. :)

ps., you can't lick your _______ if you dont have any (neutered), and also, you dont chew loudly if you dont have any teeth.

you are still fired. and i am sending you a cat.

Gina Jill said...

You can't fire someone who already quit! Your your face Kate!!!!

Andrea said...

Ok but my cat is fat, orange, and she does conversate, quite loudly, every single night. She loves you back, too... did I mention shes fat. I'm considering renaming her fat cat...

My favorite part is of owning one is hearing Garen say he hates the cat, and then catching him pet her and talking to her on the couch.... right before he kicks her off and goes, stupid cat quit shedding on me.

Nicole said...

I hate cats 100% also

Hoovy4 said...

Careful Nicole, or you can't babysit for us....

Hoovy4 said...

Also, (in defense of my own 2 cats) they are one of God's creations and therefore special in their own way.

Kate said...

not 'special' in a Dedra way though.... :)

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