Thursday, May 5, 2011

This and That

  • I seem to be a little bit emotional right now. I don't know if it's because Mother's Day is around the corner or something else - anything else. But I find myself bursting into tears for no good reason and with no warning. This is a new phenomenon for me. I dislike it.
  • My closest friend lives in Butler, Pennsylvania. I want her to move here. STAT.
  • I don't like to babysit naughty kids.
  • My stalking skills need to be improved. Could this be one of my talents hidden under a bushel?
  • We are singing 'For All The Saints' in 6 weeks in sacrament meeting. I am not excited about this. I have been practicing that song all week along with my current hymns and it is not getting easier. Oy.
  • I want to go back to college and get smarter.
  • Can you watch movies on an iPhone? from Netflix?
  • We haven't had FHE this week yet. Ken has been called to work or church stuff every night so far and tonight it mutual and boy scouts. It's going to be a really good lesson too! I've spent a lot of time on it.
  • My house looks pretty good right now, except for my sewing stuff and that is even improving.
  • I have no desire to make dinner tonight. Or ever again.
  • Nicole started reading 'Homecoming' by Cynthia Voigt. I heard this book when I was in 7th grade. I don't think she likes it, but she doesn't really like anything I make her read, so she'll be finishing it. haha
  • I painted swatches of paint on random walls in my entry way and hall so I could see how they look during times of the day. I don't like how they look so I'm stumped on the paint color but I need to do something. The swatches are pretty unattractive.
  • Here is a random picture for you. These are the missionaries in our ward right now. They three on the left tied their ties too short so they would have big knots. They pulled their ties out of their sweaters to show me. I love these boys. They are good missionaries.


Amy N. said...

I have a feeling you're going to be sick in about six weeks and unable to go to church, I'd better practice for all the saints.

And yes, you can watch netflix movies on your iphone. It kind of rocks.

I never ever have a desire to cook dinner. I'd rather not eat than cook. It drives Vaughn crazy.

And I 3> the missionaries.

Amy N. said...

And I misspelled a heart, what does that say about me.

Kate said...

maybe it is the fact that you have several swatches of paint on your walls (which i think look kind of cool, you could outline them with a sharpie and call it abstract art) that is making you emotional. :)

Have a very happy mother's day and i am sure i will talk with you sometime tomorrow. :)

(ps, i am pretty awesome at being a long distant friend. you would probably fire me immediately if I lived there and you had to put up with my antics every day. or not. we could continue to do massive damage to your Joanns.... )

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

I also have no desire to make (er, RUIN) dinner tonight or ever again.

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